​​In the past year (2017 - 2018) over ​30 parents made comments about Dolly's on the Hingham Pinboard page on Facebook. The comments are posted below.

Liz O'Neill: We have a Dolly’s grad and one soon to be attending.

Sarah Kuzniar: We love Dolly’s. I can’t say enough great things about it. I have a daughter who attended 2014-2016 and another starting there in the fall.

Patricia Cairns: Great experience.

Gretchen Lundin: Best ever!!

Nancy Williams Faris: All 5 of my kiddos went to Dolly’s - and al 5 loved it! Mr. Kevin and the rest of the teachers are amazing!

Stacy Parker: I went there (I’m in my 40’s now ) my daughter went there and loved it. Mr Kevin is wonderful and the staff.

Dar Collins: All of my grandchildren have gone there - with one there currently and two more from my daughter's family to still go. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Elizabeth Collins: This is my 4 year olds second year. He will go again next year as well as my daughter. My son LOVES it there. We couldn’t be happier with Dolly’s. They are awesome!!

Jeanne Shea: I worked there for 9 years had to leave due to family obligations Mr kevin is an awesome boss and runs a great program if you decided to send your child there you won’t be disappointed kindergarten teachers have made comments they can alway tell Dollys kid on that first day. You won’t regret your choice.

Sarah Lucy Shaughnessy: We have had a great experience with the summer camp. Mr Kevin is a pro and nothing fazes him.

Kristylynn Powers: The Best, can’t say enough good things about it !!!

Jennifer Usher Kilduff: We love Dolly's!! Preschool and summer camp are awesome. 

Carolyn Antoine: Great place.

Katie Grace Daly: The greatest. Best school if you want your kiddies ready for Kindergarten. Mr. Kevin and staff are the best.

Judy Collins: My now 23 year old spent her first year of preschool with Mr. Kevin. Loved it!

Lauren Higgins: New to Hingham also - My son will be starting there in the fall so I have loved seeing these comments! Good luck with everything.

Nandita Scott: Dolly’s is fantastic. Our twins did well there a few years ago and were well prepared for kindergarten.

Kelly Anne Achille: We also LOVED our years at Dolly’s. My oldest is now a senior in HS and will go going back to Dolly’s at the end of the month to do his senior service project there. He’s excited to be back where he started, if that tells you how awesome the staff is!

Arlene Moynihan: All 4 of my children went to Dolly's and they loved it!! Mr. Kevin is the best and he has a fantastic staff. I have 2 at the high school and 2 in middle school and they still reminisce about their days at Dolly's.

Amanda Massey: Dolly’s is amazing! My daughter was there for 3 years and my son is there now. 

Janet Zade: My daughter and her friends went to Dolly’s. Many great memories. On a very rainy day Mr. Kevin changed the time of the graduation so that we could make it and an international flight later that day.

Wallis Johnson Bowyer: Both of my daughters went there. They loved it and I left there everyday knowing they were well cared for and happy.

Natalie Ahern: Wonderful experience for 3 of my children!

Lisa Battista: I'm partial, but great experiences for ALL my kids!!

Julie Moran Strehle: I miss the Dolly’s days.! My two kids (now in high school) loved it there, fun, nurturing plus learning. The summer camp is terrific, too.

Maura Jordan Naughton: All three of my children attended Dolly's and loved it. I agree, nothing phases Mr. Kevin. It's a special place with great teachers!

Julie White Patel: I worked at Dolly’s Summer Camp during my college years. Mr. Kevin is the BEST! Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about him or Dolly’s. Best wishes!!

J Unterman Clark: My 3 went to Dolly’s! They’re in high school and college now! They loved it there!

Kathleen Joyce: [email protected]

Rosemary Chirillo: All of my grandchildren went there we loved mr Kevin

Caroline Murphy Cole: Both of my girls went there. One is a freshman in college the other a Freshman at Hingham High. They were both so happy there!! Mr Kevin is a special person and Dolly's is a special place!

Heather Jimenez Carroll: Dolly’s is the BEST!

Melissa Vogel McViney: Just to echo what everyone else has said... Dolly’s is such a fabulous school and environment. My son is so happy there and has really thrived, the teachers are all wonderful, and Mr. Kevin is one of the best around. I’d be happy to PM, as well!

Tammy Greeley-Garvin: All three of my daughter's went to Dolly's. They all loved it there. It was just what preschool should be, a comfortable fun place to go learn and interact. Mr Kevin is awesome. My girls are now a Jr in college, and HHS senior and sophomore.

Bohanna Sage: Been doing things right for decades .. Speaks for itself

Liz Shevlin Seita: My son graduated 2 years ago and my daughter is starting her second year in September. Both absolutely love(d) the program. Happy to chat more with you one on one if it would help!

Marilyn MacDonald: My daughter, now 33 yr went there for preschool. Loved it. Definitely done things right for decades.

Elaine Schirmer: Totally agree with Dollys! Both of my kids graduated preschool , went and still go to summer camp. Staff is the best and they were both very well prepared for Kindergarten  🌸they have a great program.

Wendy Morrison Kirk: Melissa - Dolly's is amazing! My daughter was there last year and will be there again next year as well. Kevin and his staff are absolutely amazing. Days/times are super flexible which is rare in Hingham. Their summer camp is also phenomenal. Please PM me with any questions!

Margaux Cappella: Dolly Nursery School is great!! I went there as a kid for school and was a camp counselor the last two summers but i couldn't this summer due to working full time as a hairdresser in downtown hingham, but i definitely recommend it! 10/10 you meet life long friends, and the children are always smiling, the small size makes each kid feel important and more hands on activity with the teachers!